March 16th in Tokyo

Information keeps coming in from all over.  The quickly changing situation is not helping anyone’s stress-levels here, but we’re mostly managing just fine… so far.

Last night’s earthquake near Mt. Fuji shook Tokyo enough to make my girlfriend and I grab our emergency backpacks and go outside.  We felt a little absurd standing outside after it died down – her in her pajamas and me in still wearing my slippers – but better safe than sorry.

Another quake today gave us all the jitters again, reminding us that this is not over.  It really is exhausting sitting around waiting.  Planning to go for a walk and watch a movie at home tonight, hopefully giving our worried brains a rest.

I’ve had a few more friends leave Japan, or buy tickets to leave tomorrow.  Some others have fled west.  We’re thinking of leaving Tokyo for Kobe tomorrow night, or sooner if we can, by bus.  A quick check for a return flight from Japan to Canada revealed the price had tripled to around U.S. $6500.00.  One way was available for a decent price, then not, then expedia gave me an error.  It seems that the airlines may be doing their best to make a killing off the chaos.  $2500.00 for a one-way flight, economy class, on Thursday?  Gimme a break.  Why don’t they just sell them all and be done with it?

Just getting to the airport may be difficult.  At least one of the usual 2 airport trains, the Narita Express, is not running.  However, I could be wrong.

To be honest I feel that the situation will, err, blow over (sorry), and am doing my best not to overreact.  But just when I think things are getting back to normal, we have another aftershock or they give us news about white smoke, explosions, or radioactive steam.  I didn’t even know there were more than 4 reactors until the 5th one developed some problem this morning.

People have continued to buy food and other resources madly, leaving convenience-store and supermarket shelves empty.  I’m assuming that if I go early enough I might be able to find things I need, but the Japanese house-wife is a formidable shopping machine so I also have my doubts.

Anyway that’s all for today, I have to take a breather and chill out.


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  1. Posted by Jennifer Eatwell on March 17, 2011 at 9:24 am

    Great blog Erik. Very interesting. Glad you’re safe!


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