Refuge in Osaka, Day 2

I went out for Mexican last night with a group of 6 other “escapees”. All but one of us were foreigners that fled Tokyo while the uncertainty was at its height. We had the same conversations that we’ve all had many times in the last week: Where were you when it struck? What’s happening with your job? How was your apartment? What do you think of the nuclear situation? Where are you going from here? Did your mom plead with you to come home? That last one was universally answered “Yes”.

Interesting and fun to talk about, as it raises the nerves again and feels exciting, but thankfully we moved on to other things soon enough. I’m sure I’ll have the same conversation again many times when I get back to Tokyo.

How do I feel about going back tomorrow night? Fine. I’m not worried anymore about quakes. Even the Earth has to rest. I’m not worried about radiation or explosions. I’m convinced that a lot of Western media, especially the American media, has been feeding and feeding off of fear with deliberate sensationalism, yet again, for the sake of ratings.

That doesn’t mean I’m completely happy with the information I’m getting from Japanese outlets, but everyone has to make their own choice, hopefully informed, about the dangers in Tokyo or lack thereof. With so much media out there, you really have to choose carefully what you’re going to read or watch.

I read a fantastic post on Facebook today that really explained the situation in Tokyo, the way the international media is reporting things in different ways, and how that has affected the situation on the ground and in our heads. You can read it here. It’s very well written and she addresses a lot of good points. If you’re at all confused or concerned about the situation here, I encourage you to read it.

The worst case scenario is not dangerous for people in Tokyo. That’s my conclusion and I hope I’m not proven wrong.

I’ve been walking all day in Nara, a beautiful “temple town” about an hour west of Osaka, so that’s all for me today.



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